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The OTHER Seasonal Stuffing: National Empanada Day!

What do turkeys, stockings and your belly all have in common?

They all get stuffed – in your case, to celebrate another stuffed treat, empanadas, at Cuba Libre on National Empanada Day. On Wednesday, April 8, the restaurant will offer all of their famous Mamá Amelia’s Empanadas, made according to Chef-Partner Guillermo Pernot’s mother’s recipe in tempting varieties that include Parisien, with country ham, Serrano ham, scallions and three cheeses, and Picadillo, with ground beef, Manzanilla olives and raisins – for just $1 each during happy hour (from 5 p.m. until 7 p.m.)

Can’t make it on the actual holiday? ’Nada problem: all month long, Cuba Libre will offer a special limited-edition Lobster Empanada for $9, available all day, every day. The jet-black savory pastry is lavishly stuffed with lobster meat and made according to a fan-favorite recipe from when Cuba Libre opened more than 14 years ago.

If all that isn’t enough, you might be a true empanada addict, but there’s help: Executive Chef Jennifer Salhoff’s first-of-its-kind Empanada Making Class. On Monday, April 13 beginning at 6:30 p.m., Chef Salhoff and her team will welcome a select group of students into their kitchen for a private empanada-making tutorial, complete with all the necessary supplies: dough, stuffings, even mojitos to inspire your inner empanada maker. Now that’s our kind of school supplies. Seats in this class are limited, so be sure to register (read: call the restaurant and book your place) in advance.

So there you have it: go forth and get stuffed. You say gracias; we say de [empa]nada.

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