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Say “Cheese!”

“Did you hear about the explosion at the cheesemaker’s house?”

“Yes, it was awful…all that was left was de Brie!”

The only thing stinkier than that joke is the rare and wonderful cheese being sampled all over Philadelphia in the next few days. From an exclusive after-hours affair to a decadent chef’s tasting and master class, the city is about to be as cheesy as our sense of humor. And that’s pretty cheesy.

It all begins on Sunday, February 22, when Maître Fromager Max McCalman will join third-generation owner Emilio Mignucci for a by-reservation-only After Hours Tasting at Di Bruno Bros.’ iconic 9th Street shop in the historic Italian Market. As the first event in their new Legends Series, the tasting is a rare opportunity for guests to try anything in the store while simultaneously picking the brains of two of the world’s top cheese pros, who will also sign copies of their books, which will be available for sale to attendees.

Then, on Monday, February 23, McCalman will head up to Old City for a lavish Cheese Dinner and Master Class with Chef Eli Kulp. Guests will enjoy a three-course cheese-laden meal, followed by a 45-minute tasting and pairing class exploring fine cheeses and dessert wines.

At the moment, at least in Philadelphia, it’s very easy being cheesy. And if you need a stronger cheese fix, well, let’s just say we have more jokes where that one came from…


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