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High Street on [Farmer's] Market

With summer in full swing, we’re craving the warm breezes and sweet smells of the countryside. (Not to mention farm-fresh produce, humanely raised meats, just-laid eggs and artisanal cheeses.) But making the trek out of the city among all the other vacationers cramming onto SEPTA trains or clogging up the highways is downright unappealing.

Lucky for us (and you!), High Street on Market is bringing them to us with their new, weekly Farmer’s Market. Beginning tomorrow, every Saturday from 10:30 a.m. until 3:30 p.m. (or whenever the vendors sell out), the restaurant will host Plowshare Farms and other, rotating guests that range from artisans to fruit farmers. This week’s guests are Birchrun Hills Farm and Madame Fromage, so it’s sure to be a cheesy good time. And we don’t even have to deal with Schuylkill traffic to get our hands on the best of the farm.

In This ProTip: High Street on Market (308 Market Street, 215-625-0988)

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