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Bitter? Sweet!

Look, we’re not bitter about much. LeSean McCoy leaving the Eagles. Waiting all winter for Rita’s Water Ice. And, especially: the end of a good meal (can’t we just keep eating forever??)

This summer, Brigantessa has our backs: they’re introducing four tempting Amari Flights showcasing their rare and diverse collection of imported bitter digestivi. Traditionally consumed in Italy after a decadent meal to settle the stomach (and cement the wine buzz for the night), these high-proof herbal concoctions are deeply tied to the native plants, herbs, and roots that grow in the region where they’re produced, and Brigantessa’s flights thoughtfully group the amari by region, showcasing the terra (that’s terrior for our French amis) of each of Italy’s amazingly diverse regions. Best of all, they’re inexpensive: each flight includes three different amari, and they range in price from $15 to $17.

How could we be bitter when this deal is so sweet?

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Brigantessa (1520 East Passyunk Avenue, 267-318-7341)

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